Hayden’s brilliant new project- Oswra

(Better known as Zolloc)

Designer / Animator 

: Contact - hayden@zolloc.com

: Austin, TX

: Programs used for .Gifs: - Cinema 4D / Photoshop / Poser

: Available for freelance

Hayden Zezula

Prepare for whoah.

I’m sure it’s very clever bit it’s also creepy as all getout.


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Shadow of *Morder*? Really, Microsoft? Frodo and Sam had to destroy the One Ring by taking it to Morder? Is that how it went?

Shadow of *Morder*? Really, Microsoft? Frodo and Sam had to destroy the One Ring by taking it to Morder? Is that how it went?


When crabs invent the car

I couldn’t *not* repost this.


When crabs invent the car

I couldn’t *not* repost this.

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I…I think I might be in love.

I…I think I might be in love.

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A very British complaint.

This is a complaint email that I sent to Game (the game store) following a week of waiting for a game that I’ve ordered. I’m not good at complaint emails…are they meant to be angry?

"Good Afternoon,

On Thursday of last week (7-8-14), I went in to my local store with the purpose of acquiring ‘The Last of Us: Remastered’ on PS4. On the day in question, it was not in stock and so they offered to order it for me and have it delivered directly to my home address. Having never used this service before, I decided that there could be no harm so I gave my details, paid my money and was assured that my shiny new game would arrive in two to three working days. The day after that (8-8-14), I received an email from yourselves saying that my order had been posted and was on its way to me.
Knowing that Sundays do not count as a working day, I keenly checked my mail on Monday but there was no delivery. That’s fine, it hasn’t been that long.

Tuesday, I finish work and go instore to enquire what their delivery times are usually like; ‘pretty good, usually.’ I’m told. I hadn’t checked my mail that day so I went home to open my mailbox and, once again, discover it empty. That’s fine.

Wednesday. I finish work and rush home to play my new game which, surely by now is waiting for me (it being on the outside edge of the 2-3 days I was originally quoted to have to wait.) My mailbox was familiarly empty save the ordinary junk mail. Having come home from town after work, I trekked BACK in to town to go to Game, receipt in hand to ask them politely about where my game might be. I asked the charming and polite young lady behind the desk and she trotted off to ask her manager who told me that ‘Saturdays and Sundays don’t count so it’ll be more likely to be with you on Friday.’ Fine.
Thursday, I check my mail just in case but am only rewarded with bills.
Friday (today), I finish work and today’s the day! I get home, wrench my mail box open and….nothing. So once again, I make the half-an-hour journey in to Game, receipt in hand to be told that Oh, actually ‘it’s 10 days.’

My question is this; which one of your charming staff members is correct? I have made three special journeys in to my local store (four if you count the original time when I ordered the game) and been turned away empty handed every time and each time with a different and longer waiting period for my delivery.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not one for complaining, I don’t read The Daily Mail but I am getting, understandably I think at this point, a little aggravated with the service I am receiving (or not, as the case may be). I have paid my money, I do not expect a week and a handful of wasted journeys later to have nothing to show for it.

At this point, I am not sure if there’s even anything you can do to assist me but it would probably be helpful if all of your staff were singing from the same song-sheet about delivery times.

Suffice to say, from now on if something is not in stock at your store I will NOT be ordering it to my address.”

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